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Learn New Traffic Sources, Improve Existing Traffic Quality,
Increase Conversion Rates, Order Values and Lifetime Value.

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Get the Replay Pack for 20 Expert Sessions Covering Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, Email, SEO, Site Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation and more...

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The event will be live streamed at the times and dates of each slot. Simply register for FREE today, receive the booking links when they're available and join the talks that you want, in the comfort of your own home or office.

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Each of our 20 Ecommerce Masters will share their golden advice with you through a series of Q&A discussions, hosted by an Ecommerce expert.

Each speaker will share 100% value, 0% sales pitching. 

The speakers are here to purely share their knowledge and experience. 0% Fat, guaranteed.

Ecommerce competition is fierce, cost is high. Makes sure your business is Q4 ready.

// Your Masters of Ecommerce

Learn from our hand-picked Ecommerce Masters responsible for 
over $1billion of Ecommerce sales. 

Each expert is tasked with sharing at least 3, actionable and easy to implement tactics or strategies for your Ecommerce business to profit and scale in Q4.

Zero fluff. Zero sales pitching. Zero filler.

100% value. Are you in?

// Monday 28th September

// 2pm GMT+1, 9am EST

Joseph Lazukin
Founder, PixelSmarter
Step By Step Marketing Strategies That Are Guaranteed To Make You More Money

// 4pm GMT+1, 11am EST

Steven Black
Unstappable FBA
Content For Conversions (And Other Dark Magic)

// 6pm GMT+1, 1pm EST

Molly Pittman
CEO, Smart Marketer
Our 5 step Q4 Facebook Optimization Process

// 9pm GMT+1, 4pm EST

Eric Toz
Founder, ShineOn
How to Sell $92k/day with POD Jewelry

// Tuesday 29th September

// 2pm GMT+1, 9am EST

Lindsay Shearer
Founder of Pins 4 Profits & Launch Mastery Marketing
Rocking Pinterest Ads in Q4

// 4pm GMT+1, 11am EST

Nick Shackelford
Co-Founder of Structured Social
2020 Strategies in testing Creatives that converts

// 6pm GMT+1, 1pm EST

Matthew Woodward
World-Leading SEO Expert
Quick Win Ecommerce SEO Strategies to Increase Your Search Traffic

// 9pm GMT+1, 4pm EST

Adis Pez
CEO, Adhouse
How to hyper-scale DTC brands by utilizing creative strategies

// Wednesday 30th September

// 2pm GMT+1, 9am EST

Ricky Solanki
CEO, Push Group
Maximise Sales Using Shopping Ads on Google and Bing

// 4pm GMT+1, 11am EST

Maxwell Finn
Co-founder of Unicorn Innovations
Max Shares Some of His Q4 Facebook Ads Secrets

// 6pm GMT+1, 1pm EST

Reggie Paquette
Marketing Manager, RevealBot
The 3 Essential Facebook Ad Automations for Q4

// 9pm GMT+1, 4pm EST

Mohamed Ali Aguel
Founder, Momentum Marketing
DTC: Beyond Performance Marketing

// Thursday 1st October

// 2pm GMT+1, 9am EST

Israa Alrawi Ibrahim
Email Marketing Strategist
Email Marketing: Setting Up Your Business For Success In Q4

// 4pm GMT+1, 11am EST

Nick Peroni
Author, Speaker, Ecom Empires
How To Create A Million Dollar Brand With Dropshipping

// 6pm GMT+1, 1pm EST

Ghadeer Rahhal
Ecom & Digital Marketing Entrepreneur. GCOM Digital
Building The Infrastructure You Need To Scale

// 9pm GMT+1, 4pm EST

Ian Nagy
Co-founder of Vidtao
YouTube Ads for eCommerce: How to Research, Build, Launch, and Scale in Q4 2020

// Friday 2nd October

// 2pm GMT+1, 9am EST

Dimitris Skiadas
Founder & CEO, 20 Digital Playroom
How to Scale your Ecom Business in Q4 without spending any extra money on advertising

// 4pm GMT+1, 11am EST

Rachel Miller
CEO & Founder, Moolah Marketing
Explode your organic strategy and spend less with ads with these 3 tactics

// 6pm GMT+1, 1pm EST

Yahav Hartman
CEO & Co-founder of Madgicx
Facebook Ads Machine Learning for Q4

// 9pm GMT+1, 4pm EST

Fares Benouhiba
Founder of EMF Media
Supercharge your Q4 marketing Mix with Snapchat Ads

// Is This Relevant For Me?

Q4 is the last quarter of the year, from October to December. For Ecommerce businesses this is a lucrative time to scale and profit due to the massive increase in buyers in the market.

If you're a Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand, whether you sell your own branded products, ship through Print on Demand (POD) or Dropship, you won't be short of ideas to really end 2020 in style. The only question is: are you willing to turn up, listen and apply these golden nuggets into your business?

// Your Host

Depesh Mandalia

An Ecommerce veteran of over 15 years responsible for well over $100M revenue, if Depesh could learn from anyone, this is the kind of experts he'd choose to learn from. 

In fact, he did choose them! Each is hand-picked  from his trusted network to bring you over $1billion of revenue expertise through 20 guest experts to help truly profit & scale through Q4 like never before.

// FAQs

Why are you running this event?
The Q4 Ecommerce Fast Track event aims to provide those on the front-line of marketing and advertising with fast-action ideas to profit and scale their Ecom businesses in Q4 better through traffic, messaging, funnels, conversion and offer strategies.
Is there a networking opportunity?
Yes! You will gain access to a private Facebook group to discuss, share and learn together. One of the biggest benefits of physical events is the networking and we have a few ways we'll be aiming to help you to build connections too.
How will the event run?
This online only event is conducted via a Q&A style format via Zoom or similar, hosted by Depesh Mandalia,  with each guest joining at their allocated time. Both Depesh and the guest will dive into an agreed topic of the guest’s choosing designed to be short, sharp and actionable. We'll go deep into a single topic and you'll have your chance to ask questions too.
What level of expertise will the speakers cover?
Whilst the guests are experts in their field we'll be breaking down concepts into an easy to understand format. Your host, Depesh Mandalia is a teacher with years of experience in explaining the most complex into the most simple. This makes it accessible for marketers of all levels to take action from.
Can I ask the speakers questions?
We're expecting a large number to join the conference however there will be an opportunity to post your questions ahead of each session. We'll select a short-list and ask as many as we can, respecting our guest speakers' time that they've given up for us.
When is the event being run?
The summit starts 28th September 2020 and will run for a week. Each session will last up to 60 minutes and we plan for no more than 4 sessions per day, so you're still able to continue with your day to day without having to block out the entire day. Times are EST and will run from around 11am through to 6pm.
What topics do you plan to cover?
We believe the biggest levers in Q4 are based on the following:
- Traffic (paid and non-paid)
- Funnels & Offers
- Conversion rate optimisation
- AOV & LTV optimisation
Is it really free?
Yes, the event is 100% free to register, free to join the Facebook group and free to watch every single session online.
Do I need to attend ALL sessions?
No you can pick and choose which to attend whether that's all, some or just one. 
What if I can't attend all the sessions?
Recordings will be made available to watch after the event for a very small fee if you wish to keep them for your own use.
Will I be pitched to by speakers to buy something?
No, this is a pitch-free event. We've asked speakers to focus 100% on value because right now, with widespread concern around COVID-19 and the global economy, it's our time as leaders to find bigger ways to give back. This event is just one of many initiatives as industry leaders that we are collectively aiming to give back. Recordings will be available for a small-fee but are entirely optional. Speakers may provide offers in the private Facebook group if attendees wish to use them.
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